I am a husband, father, man of faith and science. I’ve lived in Snohomish County most of my life, whether in Lake Stevens, Stanwood, Arlington, or Everett. My family now resides in the Silver Lake area, just a mile from where my wife Hally grew up and near my father-in-law who battles Parkinson’s. My wife and I have two young daughters, and I want to give them the best possible community, economy, and future.

我拥有经济学博士学位,作为华盛顿州总检察长办公室下属的主要反垄断执法经济学家,我每天都在用这个博士学位为华盛顿州人争取利益。我的工作是为消费者着想,并确保所有企业,无论多大规模,都能按照同样的公平规则相互竞争。我的工作已经为华盛顿州的纳税人赢得了数百万美元,这些巨头有时认为规则不适用于他们, 例如亚马逊。.

在此之前,我在华盛顿州立大学教授经济学,并在加州大学洛杉矶分校安德森管理学院担任研究员。我对政治两极化的日常后果的研究 已经发表在 《科学》 而且 其他 领先的 杂志,赢得了国际媒体的报道。我拥有一家数据咨询小企业,客户包括 《纽约时报》, FiveThirtyEightAARP,以及其他许多人。

My parents came to Washington thirty years ago to work in the timber industry, along with an uncle who works for Boeing and a grandfather who practiced medicine at Joint Base Lewis-McCord. My dad, an avid baseball fan, named me after Hall of Fame Chicago Cubs second baseman Ryne Sandberg and passed his love of the game on to me. After the timber industry crash of the early 1990s, my parents divorced and became accountants. I grew up splitting time between Lake Stevens and Stanwood, graduating from Stanwood High School.


我的妻子哈莉是一名社会工作者。她曾在瓦拉瓦拉的退伍军人医院、临终关怀机构和斯诺霍米什县的天主教社区服务机构工作。e are active, long-time members of St. Mary Magdalen Parish in Everett, and our faith deeply compels us to serve those overlooked or disregarded by society while holding the elite and powerful accountable. I am a member of the Knights of Columbus and have volunteered at COVID vaccine clinics and in homeless shelters, coordinated meal and supply deliveries for the homebound.

I am a Republican because core conservative values such as competition, community, conservation, forgiveness, family, and freedom are badly needed in our increasingly isolated, inflamed, and intolerant culture. Democracy needs at least two functioning, competent parties to hold each other in check and spur innovation, and right now Washington barely has one.


我是为弱者而战。 If you’re looking for a Republican who cuts taxes for the rich, who gives handouts to big corporations shipping jobs out of state or overseas, or who schmoozes at the country club, look somewhere else– they’re a dime a dozen.

I’m running for the middle class and all those who have chased down their dreams only to watch them washed away in a rising tide of prices and crime. I’m running for the young student told to fear themselves, their classmates, and an ever-darkening future. I’m running for the college graduate who gets more student debt notices than job interviews.  I’m running for the senior no one visits and the veteran no one understands.

I’m running for the working class and all those who by the work of their hands make everyone else’s lives a bit brighter. I’m running for the worker who fears for their job if they speak their mind. I’m running for the homeless addict stuck in a cycle of punishment and enabling. I’m running for the young family who doesn’t know how they’ll afford their child and for the unborn child they don’t know if they’ll keep.