Reclaim a Limitless Future

Washington is a state built on the pioneering spirit, boldly stepping out in freedom and uncertainty to forge a new, innovative path. We have pressed outward the frontier of what was possible in industry, civics, and government time and again. But our success has birthed stagnant, uncreative leadership insufficient against the problems of today: sky-high costs of living, falling income mobility, inadequate education, declining public safety– all with more economic and political division than ever. We once more find ourselves needing a new infusion of ideas and the will to make them reality.

I am a practical, solutions-first Republican. Solving real issues for real people matters more than checking false ideological boxes, and our problems are too numerous and important to simply repeat the same tired and tried solutions over and again. I believe everyone, regardless of their politics or background, has good ideas worth considering. Disagreement is not an insult; it’s a chance to grow.

Building a future abounding in possibility, hope, and real opportunity requires something from both you and me. A future that works better for all of us begins with all of us working better today. Let’s work better.

About Ryne

Dr. Ryne Rohla serves Washington as the primary antitrust economist for the state Attorney General’s office, working to protect consumers and small businesses from corporate collusion, price fixing, and monopolies. His work has led to injunctions and millions for taxpayers from corporations who refused to play fair.

He previously worked as an academic, teaching economics at Washington State University and crafting original research at UCLA which has been published in Science and covered in international media. Ryne also owns a small business with clients including The New York Times.

Ryne and his wife Hally both grew up in Snohomish County, meeting at Everett Community College. With their two young daughters, they live in the Silver Lake area and attend St. Mary Magdalen Parish in Everett.

What Working Better Looks Like

Worried Father

Lower Costs of Living

Artificial limits, congested supply chains, and market consolidation have driven Washington’s already high prices even higher. Inflation in goods, gas, healthcare, education, housing, and childcare has taken an especially harsh toll on working families, threatening to pull the ladder of economic mobility forever out of reach.

Let’s relieve high prices without cutting benefits by unleashing market competition, correcting inefficiencies, and building an economy of abundance.

Seattle Homeless Tents

Build Safe Communities

It’s no secret Washington faces housing and homelessness crises. High rent turns away many while life in streets and parks all too often leads to addiction and mental health breakdowns. Local government refuses to prosecute property crime, releases repeat offenders, and handcuffs police departments, leaving families and small businesses to fend for themselves.

Let’s stand with police and enforce our laws. Let’s expand Snohomish County’s MAT addiction programs statewide. Let’s reduce rents and lower construction costs with smarter regulations. 

Home Family Alt

Invest in Every Family

Families form the bedrock of our society and future, but high parental costs, student debt burdens, and childcare income traps often force couples to delay having children ever later or to forgo entirely. While our paid family leave program is a good start, we can do more to encourage families and build a system where no one is ever deemed too expensive to live.

Let’s lower childbearing and parenting costs by reforming how insurance covers newborns, aiding working class mothers by starting WIC diaper coverage, helping new parents with student debt, re-thinking daycare, and much more.


Educate for Competence

Teaching university courses here in Washington revealed firsthand how little our high school diplomas mean today. Continually lowering standards, chaining teachers to bloated administrations, and forcing rigid and impersonal curricula only erodes our ability to generate innovators capable of facing our state’s challenges.

Let’s ensure diplomas create meaningful opportunities whether students attend college or not. Let’s allow teachers, not administrators, more freedom to work. Let’s reform higher education funding so students no longer accrue decades of debt.

Business Owners

Support Small Businesses

Small business revenue in the 44th District sank over one-third compared to before COVID for most of 2021 while profits for big corporations soared. Over 30% of small businesses have permanently closed, stealing both hard-earned dreams from entrepreneurs and vital jobs from workers.

Let’s rebuild local businesses, help them increase wages to bring back workers, and maintain vibrant communities with a job-incentivizing small business tax holiday.

Bull Horn

Respect Our Rights

The fundamental constitutional rights our democracy rests upon face growing threats from government and corporate power, often together. Government more and more relies on businesses to censor voices, fine opponents, and fire employees they could never legally before– all while Big Tech colludes to squash competition and union efforts.

Let’s defend freedom of speech and build up worker rights through smart employment protections and firm defense of our First, Second, and Fourth Amendment rights.


Elected Officials

Rob McKenna, Washington Attorney General (former)

Mark Harmsworth, State Representative, LD 44 (former)

Sam Low, Snohomish County Council

Nate Nehring, Snohomish County Council

Mark James, Marysville City Council

Scott Bader, Everett City Council (former)

Connie Allison, Mill Creek City Council


Snohomish County Deputy Sheriffs Association

International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 302

Snohomish County Republican Party

Mainstream Republicans of Washington

44th LD Republicans

21st LD Republicans